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Overview of e-ELL PRO

Tailored to the state's unique requirements, the e-ELL PRO is a full-featured English Language Learner management system that tightly integrates all student data and state required documents into one comprehensive system. Examples of the data-driven ELL forms that are provided in the e-ELL PRO include:
  • Parent Notification And Consent (English and Spanish)
  • Parent Notification of Reclassification (English and Spanish)
  • Parental Waiver Application (English and Spanish)
  • Individual Language Learner Plan (ILLP) (English and Spanish)
  • Two-Year Monitoring Form (English and Spanish)
  • Written Individual Compensatory Plan (English and Spanish)
  • Parent Consultation Form (English and Spanish)
  • AZELLA Placement Test (ELL to Mainstream)
  • AZELLA Placement Test (Mainstream to ELL)
  • Parent Notification After Reclassification (English and Spanish).

e-ELL PRO Modules

Student data tracking modules in the e-ELL PRO include:
  • Student Profile (demographic information)
  • Meeting Notices
  • Conference Summaries
  • Reporting (canned and ad-hoc)
  • Supporting Documentation (uploaded files)
  • e-Training (on-line self-paced training environment).

Key Benefits of e-ELL PRO

The e-ELL PRO offers a number of key benefits that include:
  • All forms aligned to ADE developed/provided ELL forms.
  • ELL standards integrated into Individual Language Learner Plans (ILLP).
  • All ELL student data managed in a central location.
  • Easy access from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.
  • Notification of due dates, such as meetings and ILLP review due dates.
  • Provides for documenting individual language data and eligibility for each ELL student.
  • Allows for tracking of the receipt of all paperwork generated for each ELL student.
  • Document locking feature allowing ELL teams to lock down documents to protect data integrity.
  • Assists in resolving any outstanding ELL Corrective Action Plans.
  • Integrated training videos and software support section available to all users 24/7.

To learn more about these features and benefits, please view the videos to the right and/or select the link below to view/print the e-ELL PRO Marketing slipsheet.

Slide Presentation and Software Demonstration Videos

Please click below to watch the recorded e-ELL PRO Slides Presentation and/or e-ELL PRO Software Demonstration video. If you have any questions or would like further information, please review different sections of this website or contact us.

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ELL Forms Management

Software Screenshot
  • Parent Notification and Consent
  • Parental Waiver Application


Software Screenshot
  • Meeting Notice
  • Individual Language Learner Plan


Software Screenshot
  • Two-Year Monitoring Form
  • Written Individual Compensatory Plan